What Working Mommas Are Silently Saying To Their Children

I write this post more from the perspective of a daughter than a momma. I write this post in honor of the end of my maternity leave. I’m only going back two days a week, but it’s still a big deal for me!

My work situation is unique – I actually work for my mom! She owns a pediatric PT clinic & hired me when we moved back almost a year ago. The funny thing is, we never discussed my going into the family business growing up. My mom never even talked about me becoming a PT! I came up with it on my own at 16 & I’m realizing as I get older that watching my mom at work had a lot to do with it.

So now as I enter into the role of part time professional career woman, part time SAHM, I’m reminding myself of all the good things I’ll be quietly teaching my son as I leave him & go to work. The same things my mom taught me…

1. “I have a responsibility & I live up to it. You should, too.” I remember thinking my mom had the most important job in the world because she went even when she had a migraine, took me with her & quarantined me in her office when I was sick, & often brought her work home so that she could stay caught up between running things & treating patients. Talk about work ethic! Working mommas have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate commitment & responsibility to their little ones each time they kiss them goodbye to go to work.

2. “Even though you’re my first love, you’re not my only love. So the pressure is off!” I didn’t have the words for this as a child, but I remember feeling a sense of security in the fact that the world didn’t revolve around me. I went to work with Mom often & I was essentially told, “I love you, but when we are at work Momma has other kids that need her full attention. You can watch, you can help, but it’s their turn to be most important.” I truly believe children need to know that their parents’ happiness & fulfillment don’t lie on their small shoulders, whether your with them each day or working outside the home. I wasn’t smothered by constant attention or expected to be the sole source of joy to my parents. I knew my mom had “things” outside of me & it was comforting.

3. “My time with you is about quality, not quantity.” Mom worked to various degrees depending on our phase of life so that she could be present for the ball games, dance practices, & most Friday afternoons. The fact that she didn’t stay at home with us as little ones or pick us up everyday from school only made the time we had sweeter. Even as a TEENAGER there was that spark of joy when Mom (or Dad!) came home from work. Weekends seemed more special. Traveling ball & dance competitions were a bonding family affair instead of just a time consuming hobby. While I cherish the days I spend at home holding Baby J, I will also cherish the joyful moments of concentrated love as I walk through the door at the end of a long day.

4. “I’m not just Mom, I’m __________.” Watching my mom in her own world opened up my smaller world. My mom was a boss to her employees, a therapist to her kids, a friend to their parents, a business partner, an advocate, a life-long learner. I can’t wait for the day Baby J can experience the world we work in. It’s a beautiful one. And even if you don’t have a fun job like us, you can still give that experience to your little ones! I also went work often with my dad, a contractor. Completely different environment, but the same benefits! (Though his office was a little more boring for a young girl, so I spent a lot of time playing his really old Game Boy & drawing pictures with his blueprint pencils…😂)

If you are where the Lord has called you to be, your child will benefit!

I know some mommas wish they could be home, but need to help out financially. Some mommas are at home & feel the call to go back to the workplace to some degree. We are in both courts – blessed enough for me to work part time, not financially stable enough to not work at all, & fulfilling a higher calling. The point is, whether you get to spend your days pouring into your children or whether you drop them off in the morning to pour into someone else, know that it’s good for your little one. If you are where the Lord has called you to be, your child will benefit!

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