How I Saved Money In Preparation To Stay Home With My Baby

J & I always knew that I wouldn’t work full time once we had kids. However, by the time we got there, we had an exorbitant amount in student loans! I also battled feelings of guilt for not “using my degree” – like the amount of time I work dictates the importance of my degree 🙄 – & then feelings of entitlement that I should be able to do what I want since I survived PT school! Ultimately, I had to go back to the desires of my heart, that longing placed there by God. Because that’s the only plan that will work. And He has orchestrated it perfectly, as He always will when we give it over to Him! We still, however, have the responsibility to be a good steward with what He has given us. So I made a point of challenging myself to save as much as possible during my pregnancy…

1. I didn’t buy baby things! The very few things I actually bought my son were free/promotional items or consignment finds. We waited to buy anything (even our crib & glider!) until after our baby showers (which was really hard for me!) We ended up getting a majority of even the big ticket items we registered for & gift cards to cover the rest! So, it’s definitely worth resisting the urge to fill the nursery the day you find out you’re expecting! And don’t buy baby clothes – Baby J STILL hasn’t worn all of his newborn stash!

2. DIY nursery. J made our bookshelves, repurposed an old crib into a hanging organizer, we repainted unmatching, but free furniture, I crocheted his mobile, & his wall art was handmade. All of these things make a better story anyway! Click on each photo for details on our DIY projects or visit my Pinterest page!

3. Sew your own maternity clothes. I had a big issue with buying a whole new wardrobe for approx. 6 months of my life. I held off so long on purchasing maternity clothes that my mom offered to take me clothes shopping around the third trimester after I showed up to work in a very familiar, very tight t shirt & leggings! I did, however, trim the sleeves & add elastic to one of J’s old dress shirts, tailored some of my old clothes & sewed some super simple circle skirts. You do NOT need to have any skills beyond the beginner level, trust me! I’m very type B with my crafting & none of my clothes fell off in public. You will be fine! Click on the images below for the patterns I used or visit my Pinterest page!

*Buying some maternity clothes is inevitable! Look for tops that can be used for nursing & bottoms with over-the-belly bands, they’re super comfy & add support after baby!

4. We chose to cloth diaper. And I made my own cloth wipes. $15 in fabric got me all the wipes I could ever need! To date I have not spent more than $150 on Baby J’s diaper stash, which will last him until he potty trains! I found unused boxes of pocket diapers at a consignment store, accepted used ones from people I trusted to clean them properly, went with the cheaper, all-in-two variety for everyday use, & I’m slowly acquiring the more expensive & more convenient ones as they go on sale. Like crafting, I’m super type B with my cloth diaper routine, so don’t be intimidated! Preparation is the key!

5. I was very picky with positioning equipment. Baby Bargains was a big help in deciphering all the products out there. I also have very strong opinions on the use of equipment because of my line of work. So we have 3 positioning devices: a pack n play for sleep now & playtime later, a rocker, & a swing that was loaned to us for nap time. I really believe nothing else is needed. Put that baby on the floor with a cushy blanket. Wear that baby around the house. Bumbo seats, bouncers, jumpers, etc. aren’t needed & can actually be detrimental, so don’t invest in everything out there!

I hope this is helpful for all those mommas-to-be who may be in a situation like ours!

How did you save in preparation for your baby?

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