The Day I Turned the Cutting Board

So what do you do when you realize you fell into the trap of thinking you knew everything? If you are me, you cry a little, do a Bible study on the word "humble" & all its derivatives, & try not to fall into the second trap. Which I did.

Not Your Typical Sleep Training Blog Post

My little man is a little over 8 months old now. The monthly Instagram highlight photo will tell you all about his new skills & the adorable traits that make us love him. If you know my child, you know he smiles easily, he's super nosy, & he is his best person when others are near. He is beginning to prefer Mommy & Daddy, a healthy part of emotional development. But as "easy" (I never truly got that phrase?) as he is during the day, he is harder at night. His little mind has trouble switching from On to Off. Aerosmith plays our theme song in the background each night:  I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall asleep 'cause I'll miss you, baby, & I don't wanna miss a thing... & just like Aerosmith, a dream will never do. He wants the real thing. Mommy & Daddy beside him all night. No ability to self-soothe. No sleep cue is enough. No training method will change the fact that this little guy hates the crib & needs help falling to sleep.

Lessons From My Birth Story, Part II

I delivered my son after 31 trying hours, completely differently than the way I had prayed about so diligently. I felt let down by God, my Father, the Promise Keeper, the One Who had always answered my prayers for even the smallest things. Why had He chosen not to honor my request for a natural labor & delivery?

Lessons From My Birth Story, Part I

Baby J was due November 27, 2017. Around Valentine's Day, approximately 9 months earlier, I was reading about Mary & I felt the conviction, the nudge, the unmistakable go-ahead from the Lord to start our family. We did the calculations, but I was still surprised when March brought a positive test. So I read Baby Bargains, met my doctor, started a registry & created the Pinterest boards. As the time got closer, J & I took a new parent class (like newbs...), I met with a nurse to create my "birth plan" (quotes will be explained later...), & set up our home for the impending arrival. Excuse the ring of arrogance with this statement, but NO ONE could have been more prepared than me...

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