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Supporting Motherhood at Every Stage

Before having her son, Mom Bodies was just a dream as she saw so many of her friends struggle through their pregnancies with pain that was avoidable. During her own pregnancy, this dream grew into a possibility as she saw a growing need for perinatal access to physical therapy in her area. After the birth of her son, this need became reality through prayer & the support of family & friends.

The mission of Mom Bodies is to bring physical healing & support to postpartum & pregnant women, as well as women preparing to become pregnant. Medical professionals acknowledge physical therapy as a first-line option for pregnancy-related issues, such as diastasis recti abdominis, prolapse, incontinence, C-section recovery & musculoskeletal pain, though many women are unaware of what physical therapy has to offer them. Our goal is to increase awareness of what physical therapy can do for mothers – & consequently the community as a whole – & provide much needed physical therapy services to the women of Northwest Florida.

“After a very long L&D, I realized how important physical preparation is to a healthy pregnancy & delivery. Afterwards, we saw a gap in postpartum rehabilitation as well. I felt a calling to help women experience full joy in their role as mothers by addressing their physical well-being.”

Caitlin teaches prenatal classes & leads a Bible study at a local pregnancy resource center. If you are interested in partnering with Mom Bodies to bring healing to women in your circle, head over to the Contact Page.


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