The Mom Bodies Difference

What makes Mom Bodies different?

Mom Bodies is a concierge physical therapy service.

This means that there are a limited number of active clients, allowing easy access to your PT between sessions & convenient scheduling. This also ensures that Mom Bodies clients are able to receive complimentary content, tips & the latest research through the Mom Bodies Client Facebook community (launching in early 2019).

This concierge model also means that your physical therapy care is not limited to the treatment of one diagnosis code like it would be in a traditional PT setting. Rather, each session will be based on your current symptoms & concerns, as well as new clinical findings. In other words, Mom Bodies is here to grow with you, addressing your needs as they arise.

You are free to start & stop treatment as needed or desired, return when new problems present themselves, or come back when it’s time for that next baby.

Mom Bodies is here to support your motherhood journey at every stage.


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