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What We Treat

Diastasis recti abdominis

Pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic/back pain


Joint instability & muscle weakness


C-section scar management


Return to activity or gym program

And more…

Who We Treat

Postpartum women. Whether you delivered 5 weeks ago or 5 years ago, you are a postpartum Mom! Minor postpartum symptoms are often ignored, which can lead to costly health issues in the future. Physical therapy can help your body heal from diastasis recti abdominis & pressure-related issues such as incontinence, prolapse, & pain.

Pregnant moms. Some physical changes are thrilling – like that baby bump & glowing skin. And some changes are just painful. While painful pregnancies are common, they are not normal. Physical Therapy can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy & can lead to smoother labor & delivery.

Pregnancy preparation. Many women worry about their ability to carry & deliver a baby due to past injuries or deconditioning. Physical therapy can address pain, malalignment, & weakness that may lead to an uncomfortable pregnancy experience or difficult labor & delivery.


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