Why Cash-Based?

Does Mom Bodies accept insurance?

No. Mom Bodies is not in network with insurance providers, meaning that insurance is not accepted or billed for any PT service. However, you may find that this model is a better choice for you & your needs!

Why is Mom Bodies a cash-based PT practice?

Mom Bodies is a cash-based PT service for two reasons.

Improved quality of care

Insurance companies dictate treatment type, frequency, & duration in order for PTs to be eligible for payment. By being out-of-network, PTs are able to practice to the full extent of their education & care for their clients to the best of their ability without being restrained by non-medical entities.

Small business survival

Like any business, Mom Bodies must be profitable in order to continue serving mothers in this area. By nature of being in-network, a large amount of time & money is required to bill insurance – & rebill, if necessary. Most rates of reimbursement are now so low that many small practices simply cannot thrive in this model anymore.

Private PT practices – especially women’s health practices – throughout the country are now transitioning to the cash-based or hybrid model in order to bypass restrictive insurance requirements & to remain in business.

Why choose a cash-based practice when I have insurance?

Because Mom Bodies has the flexibility to provide the best & most efficient treatment along with the focus on home programs & resources, the number of sessions required to treat your condition will most likely be much less than a traditional PT setting. For many clients, their expense may be equal to or less than the cost of copays for multiple sessions in a traditional setting.

At Mom Bodies, all treatment sessions are one-on-one. This means that your time slot will be fully dedicated to you & there is no limit on the amount of time your PT can spend doing manual therapy, education, or any other treatment technique that is warranted.

You may be eligible for reimbursement even though Mom Bodies is out-of-network.

Ask your insurance provider about out-of-network physical therapy benefits. Some providers reimburse their clients up to 80% of their out-of-pocket costs. Your PT will fill out the necessary forms if you choose to pursue reimbursement. You will be responsible for any reimbursement or lack thereof.

Comparing Concierge Physical Therapy to Other Cash-Based Services

Mom Bodies – Concierge PT $85/hour Doctoral level bodywork – soft tissue, fascial & joint mobility, pain relief, exercise prescription
$60/hr + tip
Bodywork – soft tissue, fascial mobility, pain relief
$80-$125/ hr Exercise prescription


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